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Decarbonizing the world one gallon of jet fuel at a time.

Founded in 2018, our company, Indaba Renewable Fuels California LLC (Indaba) is a waste-to-energy company that converts plant and animal oils, fats, grease, and municipal solid waste (MSW) into sustainable aviation jet fuel (SAF).

Renewable Jet Fuel

Renewable fuel refinery.

Patented and Proven Technology: Setting new industry standards for renewable SAF

Using our patented and proven technology platform, we are able to provide renewable SAF that is both environmentally friendly and economically efficient.

As part of our expansion in California and the midwest, we are constructing new renewable SAF refineries capable of producing high-quality, low carbon footprint, ultra-low sulfur "drop-in" renewable jet fuel. The by-products of these processes include naphtha and propane.

Upon completion, our plant will set a new industry standard for renewable sustainable fuels.

Dedicated to bringing new sources of renewable fuels to metropolitan, rural, and underserved communities across the United States, and the world at large, we have set our sights on a better future for generations to come.

Our values promote a greener future.

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Our production has a low carbon intensity score which means low CO2 emissions.
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We Live Off
The Land.
Our fuel is made only from waste products, no food products.
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Our Business
Is Change.
Doing our part in achieving 50% SAF by 2030 and 100% by 2050.
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Innovation And
We use green hydrogen to produce our fuel.
Let's take flight towards a greener future.

Join us on our mission to decarbonize the world through renewable jet fuel.

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